Hotel Indonesia Circle

Hotel Indonesia (now become Hotel Grand Indonesia) and The Tugu Selamat Datang was the landmark for Jakarta as well as Monas (The National Monument). These night shot photo taken on 29 January 2010.



Marunda is a small fisherman village on the north of Batavia (now Jakarta). The Legendary local hero called Pitung lived ini this village for years and begin a resistance againts VOC.


Jakarta Eastern Flood-Canal

The Canal is called "Banjir Kanal Timur" or BKT. It was built to overcome the recurring flood over Jakarta city. The BKT plan based on the main plan "The Study on Urban Drainage and Wastewater Disposal Project in the City of Jakarta" 1991, and also "The Study on Comprehensive River Water Management Plan in Jabotabek" on March 1997. Both developed by Japan International Cooperation Agency.


Cilincing Fishermen Village

Cilincing Fishermen Village located in the northern Jakarta is an old fishermen village which still operates until this day. The village is as old as the more bigger harbour nearby - Sunda Kelapa Harbour -
back from 1600's when the city was found.


Old Town Building

This Old Town Building resides in front of The Fatahilah Museum. The ruin is still used by some local photographers to shoot a classical view of Old Batavia (previous name for Jakarta).

Fatahilah Museum

This old City Hall of Batavia occupies the site of its two predecessors. The current building of fine Dutch architecture was completed in 1710 and once served many civic and judiciary functions. Beneath the front portico lie some cells which were used as dungeons. The museum took over the premises in 1974 and offers a fine glimpse into the city's colonial past. Thirty-seven ornate rooms display Dutch furniture, old maps, antiquities and Dutch East India Company (V.O.C.) memorabilia, recreating the atmosphere prevalent during the Dutch era.

High Jump - Traditional Culture

High Jump is a traditional culture of Javanese people in Indonesia.
They use a chain of rubber band and swing from side to side.. Most high level is about 2 meters high for the jumpers to leap..